How to Add Names to GMRS radios RB17P ?

RB17P is a Retevis new GMRS radio. With big screen and keypad, you can operate it very easy. It also add more functions: such as :  can let you add names to the channel, NOAA weathers, dual stand by.  Today we tell you how to add names to GMRS radios RB17P.


You need update the software: (contact us and we will send you)

1,Link your radio to your PC by the programming cable.


2, Open the update software and install it , when you install it, save it in the same file , you will get the Update file ( as show in the fist line).


3, Then open the Update file , you will see the update software below: Install it and you will see a “Update Software ” tips and choose the right com Port. And update it.


3, Open the files and unzip it: double click the circled files :A588, after unzip, double click the file i circled:

4, Then open the original software of RB17P: Choose Optional features under the Program set, choose NAME in the Work Mode. Then write the name for each channel you want .

5, The last step: Write the change to the radio. You will have add names to GMRS radios RB17P.

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