Retevis GMRS Radios List And Specifications

Retevis GMRS radios are welcomed by a lot of people. But some are confused about how to choose it because we have so many different type. Today we give you a GMRS radios list and specifications.


The followings are the GMRS radios: RB87, RB23, RT76, RB26, RB75, and RB17A

Model No.PicturePowerBatteryAntennaSpecifications
RB875w1200mAhFixedNo screen, economical one
RB235w1800mAhFixedNo screen, waterproof
RT765w1400mAhFixedNo screen ,orange color mix with black, GMRS Repeater Capable
RT76P5w1400mAhFixedWith Screen and keypad,dual band,  Support NOAA weather Channels,GMRS Repeater Capable
RB263w2000mAhFixedNo screen, Wireless copy
RB755w4500mAhFixedNo screen, waterproof, better quality
RB275w1500mAhFixedWith screen and keypad, dual band , Support NOAA weather Channels,GMRS Repeater Capable
RB17A5w2200mAhFixedNo screen, green color mix with black,Independent alarm key, Solid structure and hard shell
RB17P5w2200mAhFixedWith 1.7-inch TFT color screen, 8 background colors are optional, Manually set NOAA function,dual band,
RB19P3w1650mAhFixedWith 1.7 inch screen display, blue color, small and light weight,thin body, short antenna

The above are the handheld radios, the following are mobile GMRS mobile car radios:

Model No.PicturePowerBatteryAntennaSpecifications
RB8620wNo batteryMagnetic antennaWith screen and ketypad, waterproof , GMRS band+11 NOAA weather Channels, small
RA2520wNo batteryMagnet mount&AntennaWith screen and keypad, small

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RB86 mobile radios

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