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How to use up to 60 channels on your GMRS radio RA85

As we know, there are 30 fixed channels on GMRS radios. And the first 22 channels are the GMRS channels, but the last 8 channels are the repeater channels. So, you can use your GMRS radio to connect your GMRS repeaters. It is the difference between FRS radios and GMRS radios, and it is easy to apply for a GMRS license, so the GMRS radios are popular in chain supermarkets, larger businesses, and organizations. Because they need a further communication range by the repeater. And they just need to pay for the fees for the GMRS license. So the GMRS radio RA85 can help you.

However, the first GMRS radio with up to 60 channels RA85 is coming. How to use the additional channels? And why it becomes a characteristic of it?

As we said before, the larger businesses or organizations have to make a balance of radio license and communication range. The GMRS frequency band is suitable for business and private. Obviously, 30 channels are not enough to make a call when there are a lot of users, but 60 channels can bring more possibilities. Is it compliant? Is, of course. The additional 30 channels are still the same channel, but with different sub-audio. We all know that sub-audio is used to filter other calls, so when we set the same frequency to different sub-audio, we can just switch channels and talk to two people on the same frequency.

If you need a repeater around you, you can also set up two different CTCSS/DCS codes on two channels of the same frequency. You don’t need to link your radio to your computer to modify the CTCSS/DCS codes, nor do you need to modify the CTCSS/DCS codes on your computer. This method allows you to quickly switch channels for communication, greatly reducing operation time and improving work efficiency.

So we recommend large hotels, chain supermarkets, large industrial areas for commercial use. If you are interested in it, we can send a sample to you for testing.

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