Retevis RB25 digital walkie talkie for business

Simple Digital two way radio RB25

If you are looking for a simple digital two-way radio, why not consider RB25?

Now there are many kinds of walkie-talkies in the market, some are license-free walkie-talkies, some are digital two-way radios, and some are DMR mode digital two-way radios.

But for ham radios and DMR radios, it’s a little difficult for beginners.  Because you not only should set the Tx and Rx frequencies, also you need to build the group, add the group contact, and other settings you need to do, then you will get communication on the digital channel.

If you are a beginner on walkie-talkies, especially on the digital two-way radio, RB25 will be a good choice. There are some reasons:

1, RB25 is a simple digital two way radio

Retevis RB25 is a special digital two way radio, it is not the DMR mode. Here we call it NBDR. The digital channel can be used as group Call, private cal, and All Call.

Group call means you can talk with a group, and the people in the same group can talk and listen to others when you standby this channel.

A private Call, means you can talk with someone in private. help you to talk with your friends one to one.

And All call allows you to transmit to all users on the channel. But other members can’t transmit but only receive on this channel.

These can be programmed by its software.Simple digital two way radio RB25 set the call type

2, RB25 is a long-range and long standby two-way radio.

Communication range is based on its power and mode, also affected by the environment in which it is used.  So if you want to get a long-range two way radio, you need to check its mode and power.

RB25 is the digital two way radio, and also it is the high power walkie talkie. also, it comes with a 2500 mah battery, supporting a whole day working use or outdoor use.

3, Sturdy design, enough channels to help you make instant communication

Retevis RB25 RB25 heavy-duty handheld walkie-talkie has a sturdy shell, it is resistant to fall and impact. It is suitable for construction, safe work, rescue, farm, and other occasions.

Also With 32 channels, you can set them with digital mode or analog mode on the software.

Simple Digital two way radio RB25

If you are looking for a simple digital two-way radio, Order Retevis RB25

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