How to write RT6 frequency by hand?

Retevis has a professional IP67 waterproof and dustproof radio, Retevis RT6. It’s dual band, dual standby, durable material and stable quality. This radio also have LCD display and keyboard.

Some customers prefer radios without display, because users have no chance to press some button on keyboard by mistake, or leak your information to others.
Personally, I like radio with LCD display, you can easily programming your radios by hand, at any time, no need computer and a cable. Anyway, both radio with LCD display or not, each has it’s advantages.

How to write RT6 frequency by hand?

For example: you want to write data as below:
RX frequency: 146.6250
TX frequency: 151.6250(OFFSET=TX frequency – RX frequency=5)
TX CTCSS:  254.1HZ

take RT6  walkie talkie at hand, turn on the radio

you can only write frequency on”frequency mode”

How to switch RT6 between frequency mode and channel mode?

Press MENU key, at the same time, turn on the radio, you can switch between two mode.

please keep in mind “frequency”show on LCD display is always ” Receive frequency”. input”146625″ on, you will see this receiving frequency show on LCD(“.” decimal point no need input)

Short press menu—short press (#25 )—SFT-D–short press menu–up/down to select”+”–short press menu to confirm

.Short press menu—short press (#26 )—offset–short press menu–up/down and write 005000–short press menu to confirm

Short press menu—short press :(#11)—short press menu—R-CTCS—up/down key to select RECEIVE CTCSS(choose67.0hz)—short press menu to confirm.

Short press menu—short press (#13)—short press menu—T-CTCS—up/down key to select TRANSMIT CTCSS(choose 254.1hz)—short press menu to confirm

This way, you successfuly write frequency manually on RT6, but this is not the final step.

We need save all settings to a channel. Menu–27–Memory channel—up/down to select the channel you like. Then when you switch to channel mode, you will see 146.6250 under the channel you saved.

Wanna know how to write frequency manually on Retevis walkie talkie RT 5R, RT2, RT3, which have keyboard and LCD display? You can contact at any time, we are always here to support!

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