How to initialize Retevis walkie talkie?

What is initializing walkie talkie?

Restore all paremeters, functions of walkie talkie to the status when it left factory.

Why we need initialize walkie talkie:

1.When original setting on radio is mistouched by mistake.

For example, we never make changes on original settings, and two radios communicate normally, but when we press some button by mistake, or some unknown reason, there’s something unknown changed in radios, which stopped the communication, we need initialize the radio, to the factory default setting.

2.When radios stop working for unknown reason.

3.When software in abnormal status for unknown reason.

How to initialize retevis walkie talkie?

1.For Retevis adult radio, we have original default frequency file. If you have requirementment, please send by email to, we will send you to initialize the radio accordingly.

2.For Retevis childrens’ radio, that menu key and power key is different, and press the “Menu” key, at the same time, turn on the radio, it will be initialized.

3.For Retevis childrens’ radio RT35, that menu key and power key is same key, then take out the battery, press PTT, at the same time, put inside the battery, radio will be initialized.

When you met some communication problem, or software problem in walkie talkie. Initialization is always a good way to offer a possible resolution. If you have requirement for initialization or further requirement, please feel free to contact us.

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