Introducing Retevis Latest-RB27V MURS Two-Way Radio

Introducing Retevis Latest-RB27V MURS Two-Way Radio

Retevis, has recently announced the new model-RB27V MURS two-way radio, the new Portable radio. This RB27V radio with the LCD display, and with the better size, allows one-handed operation. Similar to the cell phone.

The Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) use 5 VHF Frequencies without a license requirement. provided that the radios transmit at a maximum of two watts. MURS radios can be used for both business and personal use. MURS is a private, two-way, short-distance voice or data communications service for personal or business activities of the general public.

It designs with two colors, not like the classic black, it comes with orange and black color.

What’s the  features of this MURS radios RB27V?

1, Don’t require an FCC license

FCC allows the use of MURS radios without a license. This VHF radio operates in 151mhz frequency.

2, Easy to communcation, easy and straight to use

It is Convenient to talk with your staff inside a hotel or warehouse with RB27V. You can also talk with employees at construction sites or contact with your hiking partner during hiking trip using Multiple MURS radios.

3, Ensure private conversations

Our Retevis RB27V features with 5 VHF channels,and also with privacy sub channels, you can change the CTCSS/DCS codes by software or keypads. Also connect the radios with the headset/earpices will be supported.

4,  FM radios

Usually lots of outdoor workers or company will choose the VHF band, so our Retevis RB27V suppot the FM radios, you can enjoy your working time outside.

5, 11 NOAA weather Channels

Comes with 11 NOAA Weather Channels, help you to copy the weather information.


If you are looking for VHF radios but don’t want to apply for the license, MURS radios will be your best choice.

If any questions about this RB27V MURS two-way radios, please leave messages below or contact us by email:

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