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Update: RT95 VOX can be programmed by Chirp software

Update: RT95 VOX can be programmed by Chirp software. We have many models of walkie-talkies that can be programmed using software, for example, Retevis H777, RT1, RT21, RT22, etc. More models can look at the chart.

support mdels by Chirtp

And maybe you have seen, the yellow area covers RB17A, RB26, RT76, AND RT85, which are the new models that can be programmed by Chirp.

What’s more, the red character RT95 VOX is the new version that can also use Chirp to program. As a newly supported model, there are already advanced customers using Chirp software and successfully programmed.

If you already have one of these walkie-talkies, and if you’d like to try the new software, why not download the Chirp to have a try?

The link is:

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  1. my rt95 is not letting me program, read, or write to or from my computer or to the radio. it’s telling me that the model is out of range. can’t download the original retevis rt95 software. it makes me download the VOX one. ive never had a problem until this new software came out.

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