IP67 Waterproof Ham Radio —Fearless of Harsh Conditions

When you go camping, attend adventures, and other outdoor activities, a waterproof tool is essential. There is a good choice for you. Ailunce HD2 IP67 waterproof ham radio, no need to fear harsh conditions like heavy rain.


At the beginning, we will review the IP rating. 6 refers to that ham radio is effectively dust-proof. 7 refers to that ham radio keeps submersion in 1 meter deep of water for 30 minutes and is used normally.

That means the IP67 waterproof rating two way radio is available for wet or humid environments.


Now, we will have a detailed understanding of the IP67 waterproof rating two way radio. It is mainly about its advantages and applications.


Firstly, what can IP67 waterproof rating two way radio can bring us will be the consideration when choosing the ham radio.

Advantages of IP67 Waterproof Ham Radio

  1. Withstand up to 1m depth of water for 30 minutes without damage.
  2. Strong ability against the dirt on windy days.
  3. Fearless of changeable weather


Next, we will take some applications as examples to introduce the use of Ailunce HD2 IP67 waterproof two way radio.

Scenes of IP67 Waterproof Ham Radio

Outdoor activities and adventures: IP67 waterproof rating two way radio provides reliable communication during outdoor activities. For example, hiking, camping, mountain climbing, and fishing. Ham radio can withstand dust and brief immersion to ensure long-lasting durability.

Emergency rescue: When you join in rescue actions outdoors, especially in the forests, the IP67 waterproof rating is useful. You can keep constant communication with team members. It will help you quickly respond and take action in the case of an emergency.

Water sports: If you like water sports, such as surfing and kayak, IP67 waterproof rating is a good choice. You won’t worry about the ham radio suddenly falling into the water and being damaged.



IP67 waterproof rating two way radio is a good partner for ham radio operators to use on various occasions, whether in outdoor adventures, emergency rescue, or water sports, operators use the ham radio worry-free. Bring operators a better use experience.

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