Upgraded Ailunce HD2 Ham Radio——Multiple Functions, Better Communication Experience

The upgraded Ailunce HD2 ham radio optimizes practical functions, such as Bluetooth 5.0, Night vision mode, 500,000 contacts, and Call in light, etc. It provides users with a richer and more convenient communication experience.


This article will introduce these upgraded functions in detail.

Upgraded Ailunce HD2 Ham Radio
Upgraded Ailunce HD2 Ham Radio

The first is the Hands-free Bluetooth 5.0 function.

Bluetooth 5.0 on  Ailunce HD2 ham radio

It can easily connect with the included Bluetooth headphones to release hands. You can freely talk with your partners without stopping operations.


The second one is the increased contact capacity.

500,000 contacts on  Ailunce HD2 ham radio

At the same time, the increased 500, 000 contacts allow users to save more contact information and quickly call the required contacts. This has important implications for team collaboration, rapid communication in emergencies, and daily personal use.


Next, night mode and adjustable brightness check information clearly.

Night vision mode and brightness-adjustable onAilunce HD2 

Night vision mode becomes an important feature when working at night or communicating in low-light environments.

10-level adjustable brightness ensures users can view information clearly in the day and night, and reduces eye fatigue.


In addition, the specified alarm key and NOAA ensure your safety when you are outdoors.

The specified alarm key and NOAA on  Ailunce HD2 

A specified alarm key can quickly send an alarm sound with one click to respond to emergencies. In addition, users can press the side button to turn on the NOAA. It gives users instant access to weather forecasts and emergency notifications, enhancing the radio’s flexibility and usefulness.


Finally, we will explain the Call in light function.

Call in light on Upgraded Ailunce HD2 Ham Radio

Call in light allows users to choose if the display is bright when receiving or transmitting calls at night. It avoids annoying the sudden bright screen when receiving or transmitting the signal.



The HD2 ham radio increases and optimizes multiple functions. For example, Bluetooth 5.0, night vision mode, up to 500,000 contacts, top alarm key, adjustable brightness, and NOAA. Make this radio an ideal choice, whether for daily use or a variety of challenges. With the HD2 ham radio, we can enjoy a more efficient and secure way to communicate.

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