Call in Light ham radio: A good helper at night

In previous articles, we have introduced several useful functions on Ailunce HD2 DMR ham radio, such as Bluetooth 5.0, and 500,000 imported contacts. In this article, we will have a detailed introduction to another useful function, especially used at night — Call in Light ham radio, including definition, why to set, and how to set.


Before we use the function, we need to understand what the function is, it will help us to use the function more conveniently.


Definition of Call in light Ham Radio

It is a function that is used to help users choose whether the screen is bright when transmitting or receiving. It is helpful for users to avoid being frightened when suddenly receiving a call at night.


When we understand the definition of the function, we must doubt why we need to set it. Next, we will explain it.


Reason for Call in light Ham Radio

Some ham radio operators will receive the current channel information even at night. However, they won’t receive the signal all the time. When receiving the signal suddenly at night, the bright screen will make operator annoy.

After receiving the feedback from the users, we are planning to increase a function to avoid this problem and provide users with a better user experience. So, the Ailunce HD2 DMR ham radio features this function.


Maybe some operators don’t know how to set the Call in Light function on Ailunce HD2 DMR ham radio. Now, there is a brief introduction. But more detailed operations can be found in the user manual.


Operation Settings

  1. Press the menu key to enter the main set menu
  2. Press the UP or Down key to choose the Call in light setting
  3. Choose if the screen is bright when receiving and transmitting
  4. Return to the standby status



Ailunce HD2 increases the Call in light function, which reduces annoyance because of the sudden screen bright at night. It will bring you a better user experience.

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