Retevis professional hunting radio

Good news! Retevis now have its own professional hunting radio now! Retevis EZTalk 62 Dual Band Radio.

Let us have a look:

1, The camouflage-colored body makes the walkie-talkie more invisible in the wild.

2,IP67 waterproof make you no worry about bad weathers.

3,Both UHF and VHF can be adjusted according to different terrain to achieve the best communication distance.

4,Large battery support you for long time use.

5,One key mute can turn off prompts and indicators, allowing hunters to focus more on hunting and increasing the possibility of successful hunting.

6,Whisper function allow you to speak in low voice to send messages without disturbing animals.

7, 7 hunting calls:  7 different animal sounds, including elk, stag, duck, hare, roe deer, wild hog, and wolf, making these sounds to attract animals closer and help hunt them successfully.

8, Adjustable backlight, emergency alarm, key lock, built-in flashlight make you fee comfortable when use this radio.


Look, what an excellent hunting radio, it is more professional than other radios. Welcome to order and try!

Retevis welcome new resellers and OEM brand partners, to realize win-win cooperation, if you are interested in, please feel free to email to

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