RETEVIS Ailunce DMR Ham Radio HD2 —- FPP and DMR Advantages

The same as other DMR walkie talkies, Retevis Ailunce DMR Ham radio HD2 supports FPP function and features DMR advantages. In this article, we will get more detailed information about them.


What is FPP in ham radio?

FPP is the abbreviation for Front Panel Programmable. It’s a flashcode feature that allows the user to program a limited number of channel parameters from the keypad of the radio.

What is the FPP on Ailunce DMR Ham radio HD2?

The aim of the Ailunce HD2 is consistent with other Ham radios. However, there is little difference. For Ailunce HD2, operators can finish most 90% of operations through the keypads, including frequency-changing, function settings, channel mode switch, etc.

Why to use FPP outdoors?

For outdoor activities, the computer is inconvenient for long-term carry. So, it is vital to find a way to edit the ham radio based on the specific needs.

FPP function is helpful to solve this problem. When you want to change the frequency to connect with various friends, switch channel mode to VFO, and input the needed frequencies. When you want to turn on Bluetooth, GPS, or Double PTT, the menu key is also performed.

Next, we will have an understanding of DMR advantages.


Digital & analog mode compatible, smooth transformation between digital and analog mode, you don’t need to get another analog radio, easily communicate with others.

With better audio quality, using DMR technology, Ailunce DMR ham radio HD2 has superior audio quality than analog radios. This can be especially important in noisy environments, where it’s crucial to be able to hear clearly.

Additionally, DMR radio uses encryption to transmit and prevents unauthorized listeners from intercepting sensitive information.

FPP mode and advantages of DMR radio provide convenience for operating the Ailunce HD2 outdoors and in noisy environments, hoping you have a better use experience.

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