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IP67 Waterproof Retevis radio Summary

Retevis IP67 waterproof radio Summary. Retevis has lots of models with the IP67 rated.

First we need to know what is the IP67?

Waterproof IP67 means the radio can stay into the In a meter of non-flowing water for half an hour.

Please note Waterproof is different from water resistant. Please confirm with the seller to make sure your radio is IP67 or just water resistant.

Retevis IP67 radio

IP67 waterproof radio for business choose.

Retevis RT50, the UHF Analog&Digital Mode IP67 radio. 10W power with the Hidden LCD display.  If you use the radios for business like farms and ranches, golf courses, construction site, warehouse, hotel and so on.

IP67 radio Retevis RT50
IP67 radio Retevis RT50


Retevis RT29, the UHF or VHF IP67 version waterproof radio. The10w power RT29 will help you to get longer communication range than low power radio. If you are not familiar with the Digital radio, this RT29 will be your best choice.

IP67 radio Retevis RT29
IP67 radio Retevis RT29

Retevis RT81, the UHF Analog&Digital mode IP67 radio. Without the display, will reduce operational errors.

The big different between RT51 and RT81 is RT51 with two time slots and RT81 with single time slot.


IP67 Waterproof radio Retevis RT81
IP67 Waterproof radio Retevis RT81

Retevis RT87, the analogue mode dual-band radio, the IP67 radio, with the display and keypad, can be programmed by its keypad.

Retevis RT87
Retevis RT87

IP67 waterproof radios for Amateurs

Ailunce HD1, The dual-band dual model amateur radios, the latest firmware that can support 200,000 contacts list, can use the GPS on aprs and so on. All the functions can be operated by its keypad. The IP67 rated, help all the hams no need worries about the rain weather or drop into the water.

IP67 Waterproof radio Ailunce HD1
ham radio Ailunce HD1

Retevis RT82, the 5w amateur radio, with the dual-band and dual mode IP67 radio.

IP67 waterproof radio Retevis RT82
amateur radio Retevis RT82

IP67 waterproof radio for Marine

Retevis RT55, not only with the function IP67, but also can float on the river, the VHF marine radio. It covers all USA, International, and Canadian marine channels, keeping you with most up-to-date marine activities.

IP67 waterproof radio Retevis RT55
Marine radio Retevis RT55

IP67 waterproof radio for short distance communication.

 License-free radio can be used for short business distance comunication like office, schools, small hotel, restaurant and so on.

Also can be used for family like hiking, camping, beach walking, and other family activities.

If you use the radios outdoor, you’d better choose the IP67 license-free radio.

Retevis RT47, the license-free IP67 radio, no need to program, you can use it out of the box.

IP67 waterproof radio Retevis RT55
License-free radio Retevis RT55

Retevis RT48, With the large appearance: 240*65*38mm, if you are finding a little larger radio, RT48/RT648 will be your good choice.

IP67 waterproof radio Retevis RT48
License-free radio Retevis RT48


Beyond these models, we still have the models RT8 and RT83 with the IP67 waterproof rated. If you want to all our models about IP67, please visit our website menu: waterproof

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    Hi I’m looking at some radios I like the RT29 IP67 I’m just going to use 1 channel do I have to have a certain license I’m not really familiar with how that work thanks

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