Why should you buy Retevis RT29 two way radio?

Why should you buy Retevis RT29 two way radio?


Why should you buy receives RT29 two-way radio? Before answer these questions, We need to know the answer to the other question: Why are Walkie Talkies important?

Before becoming an employee of Retevis, I know almost nothing about walkie-talkies.

When I’ve been working here for a while, I was surprised to find that walkie talkie have so many uses.

You can use walkie talkie in business, such as football field, farm, hotel, warehouse, bar, sanatorium, pet store, sawmill and so on.

The Walkie Talkie can be used for personal use, such as amateur radio, kids walkie talkies, and family walkie talkie.

You can use it as your Hobbies, or as a tool for you keep in touch with you and your family when played in the open air, such as Kayaking, Fishing, go hiking, cycling and so on.

It also can be used in police, fire control work, church, school or other Other government organizations.

Some people might ask Why don’t we use a cell phone?

Let us imagine, When a disaster strikes, how do you manage to keep communication lines open when all the phone lines are overburdened?

If you are in a filed where there’s no cell phone signal, How do you communicate with your others?

Anyone who deals with providing emergency response for a disaster will truly understand the importance of walkie talkie.

During emergency situations, two-way radio provides instant communication and allows people to ask for immediate help.

Two-way radios are incredibly useful in times of emergency.

Now there are so many walkie-talkies on the market, why should you buy Retevis RT29 two way radio?

Now we will show the answer:

  1. Durably built.

RT29 is an analog version of HD1, All accessories and texture are the same as HD1. It is very solid, One client used it as a hammer to smash nails.

  1. Long Communication Range.

Retevis rt29 two way radio has high power(10w), which make sure it has a long communication distance.

  1. Ultra-long standby time.

The battery of RT29 is 3200MHA, which make sure it has a long standby time, you won’t worry about it not enough power.

  1. Private communications.

It has the scrambler function, it can ensure communication confidentiality.

  1. More versions for choose.

Rt29 two-way radio has 4 versions: VHF, UHF, IP67 UHF, IP67VHF. You can choose anyone you need.

VHF is for open space, such as sea, fields, farm, desert.

UHF is for Densely built or sheltered, such as city, forest.

IP67 waterproof is for special environment communication, such as rainforest, Fire Safety, construction site and so on.

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