water-proof FRS radio

License-free waterproof FRS radio RT48

Good news!!! Retevis has released waterproof FRS radio Radio, Retevis RT48, which belong to business radio and will be in stock end of February.

When customer are camping, riding, climbing, or works near water, a water-proof walkie talkie used for communication helps lot.

Retevis has many water-proof radios, such as RT81, RT6, RT87, RT29,RT82. But they are big power, and not USA, Canada license-free. For customers that do not take license yet, a license-free radio will be more suitbable.

RT48 license-free water-proof radio looks cool! Unique and rugged appearance, we bet you will love it!

What’s the features of waterproof FRS radio RT48?

VOX, Monitor, Scanning, CTCSS/DCS,  TOT, BCL, Alarm, Wide Narrow band, Frequencies step, User defined side butttons, Squelch level, other parameters

Why choose waterproof FRS radio Retevis RT48?

1.professional water-proof radio
2.License-free walkie talkie in USA and Canada
4.Unique appearance: make your radios unique

Easy use:

For new RT48 walkie talkies, just switch to same channel, they can talk directly

What is inside waterproof FRS radio RT48 package?

Package includes
1 x RT48 Wakie Talkie
1 x Battery
1 xUSB Charger
1 x Belt Clip
1 x Hand Strap
1 x User Manual

RT48 will be in stock end of February, if you have daily use requirement, or you have bulk requirement, please feel free to email to kam@retevis.com. Thanks!

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