Marine radio RT55

Why choose Retevis Marine Radio RT55?

Not a few customers asked us before, if you have professional marine radio? Now, the answer is YES! Retevis has RT55 Waterproof IP67 Handheld VHF Marine Radio in stock since this February.

What Marine radio RT55 looks like?

It’s fluent in edge design, antiskid in the side part, big PTT button, big operate buttons on the front panel.

Marine radio

Retevis Marine radioWhy choose Marine radio RT55?

1.The IP67 and float on the water
RT55 is professional IP67 water-dustproof walkie talkie.Standard IP67 make the RT55 stay into the 1M deep water for 30 minutes.
It can float on the water,the rugged floating design makes RT55 easy to float on the water if dropped overboard. You will never lose your radio again, here’s video for your reference:

2.Vibration Water Draining Function
If radio drop into water, after taking it out, pressing Dual ( the bottom left button) and the Lock( the bottom right button) at the same time, the radio will vibrate in the inner microphone part, to throw away the water inside radio.

3.All USA/Internation/Canadian Marine Channels
Long press C/16 key (top left button on the keyboard), you will see U, I, C on the left buttom of the display. U mean USA Marine Channels, C means Canadian Channels, I mean internation channels.

4.Quick reach CH16/CH9
Channel 16: International Universal Rescue channel
Channel 9: Ship listening and calling channels which used when docking/guiding.

5.Dual or triple watch
Turn off the radio. Press MONI/SQL key on the keyboard, at the same time, turn on the radio, switch inside menu till “dt”( dual standby), then switch “tri (triple), dual (dual standby)
Tri: standby current channel ,channel 16 and Channel 9 at the same time.
Dual: standby current channel ,channel16 at the same time.

6.10 NOAA channels
Short press CH key, you can switch 10 NOAA channels.

Wow, Marine radio RT55 has so many advantages, do you like it? Any bulk inquiries, please feel free to email to, we are always here to support! Thanks!

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