Lightweight UHF Radio RT22 is Recommend?

Lightweight UHF Radio RT22
Lightweight UHF Radio RT22

RT22 Lightweight UHF Radio is our best selling license-free radio. As its thickness is only 1.3 cm and its weight is 108 grams, it fits in a shirt or pants pocket. Approved by FCC, it has Part 95 authorization. With long range and good clarity, it is in the bargain price. Another advantage is its universal headphone jack, which can be used with the Kenwood standard 2 pin headphone. This models can be widely used in outdoor or indoor activity with family and friends. What’s more, this radio is the best selling for business, such as the hotel, warehouse, school and so on. In a word, RT22 radio is worth every cent you pay. Here we collected some customer reviews of RT22 in real-world use.

Customer Reviews

“This works great for our operations, most of my employees are on forklifts and having all of them with a radio makes shifts so much more productive. I work in a beverage manufacturing facility, with about 200,000 square feet- plus our trailer yard- and these radios have not disappointed.“- Patrick 

“Really good set of radios. I live in a coastal area that sometimes floods during a bad storm. I needed radios that I could depend on in an emergency. That’s why I choose it.”- Ken Sabosik

“I run a dealership which need communication with over 20 employees. These radios played a very big role in getting information across from different buildings.”- David Wong

“Love them. We full time RV so the kids take them all over the park and we check in. Works great.”- Luis Macias

“It arrived in good shape and was great for camping and hiking. good thing to have on hand at alll time.”- Armando

From the above customer reviews, you will find that RT22 really works well in all kinds of suitations. So if you need a small and lightweight radio to use, don’t think twice just buy the RT22.

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  1. I really have more of a question I’m trying to find the clips that the rt22 fits into I have broken a few of the clips and I’m wondering if I can order the clips or if there are metal clips I can order.

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