RA19 outdoor bluetooth radio

Are you Looking for a Bluetooth Outdoor Multi-function Radio?

Are you Looking for a Bluetooth Outdoor Multi-function Radio? Walkie-talkies as an ancient communication tool, from the appearance of the mobile phone, has been a small range of use. But now, as an economical and efficient communication tool. Walkie-talkie is gradually used by people.
Bluetooth function is a major breakthrough in walkie-talkies. Only the products of international famous communication companies are configured with Bluetooth function with high prices.

The RA19 is a license-free outdoor walkie-talkie with Bluetooth capability, making it a favorite for adventurers looking for a versatile walkie-talkie.

Frequency for Use: FRS and PMR446.
To compare with the FRS and PMR446 on parameters:
Channel2216 (press [MODE] key change to 8 channel)
Programming softwareUS versionEU version
11 NOAA channels
What are the functions that can help you in outdoor activities?
  1. The built-in Bluetooth: you can connect with a Bluetooth headset to free your hand.
  2. Wireless copy: help you communicate with each radio quickly without a PC.
  3. Vibration function: You can prevent the silence from being interrupted by the prompt voice.
  4. Torchlight: light your road or tent at night.
  5. Alarm function: to help you get help immediately in danger.
  6. other functions like Monitor, Scanning, Keylock, TOT, VOX, etc.

Are you Looking for a Bluetooth Outdoor Multi-function Radio? How do you think of this new Bluetooth radio? Please leave your comments.

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