Users survey: Which one do you like best?

Good news! Users survey: Which one do you like best?

We’re going to develop a new commercial walkie-talkie, and now we’re hoping to get people’s support to build a model that most of our lovers like.
We have given you four models to choose from.

Appearance: The appearance continues the usual black and rectangular handheld radio, with two knobs and antennas at the top. One side is the PTT key and two custom side keys, and the other side is the programming cable interface and the headphone interface. The front continues the brand logo.

However, we designed the different marks:

A1: The big ‘V’ with a bump, and the small ‘v’ in the lower right corner of the microphone. The style is special and fashionable.

A2: It’s a regular shape but there’s a small ‘v’ in the lower right corner of the microphone.

B1: On the basis of A1, the big ‘V’ suspended on the microphone is more obvious and complete, and the small v in the lower right corner is abandoned.

B2: Lose the big ‘V’ and small ‘v’ at the same time, the whole machine looks more concise.

Look at the picture:

new models to choose

Which one is your favorite?
Leave a comment in the comments section and we’ll take your comments into account.
What features would you like our product to include?
Please describe your usage scenarios and we will actively evaluate and adopt your ideas.

Hurry up! discuss with us! Which one do you like best? And you can comment on our Facebook page

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