New Fashion—— Retevis RB17A GMRS radio

New Fashion—— Retevis RB17A GMRS radio

GMRS radio is getting more and more popular for radio users. And Retevis launched some GMRS radios for the users. Retevis RB17A is a highly-recommended GMRS radio.

Except for the previous Retevis GMRS models RT76, RT76P, RB26, Retevis launched a new model RB17A.

New Fashion—— Retevis RB17A GMRS radio
New Fashion—— Retevis RB17A GMRS radio

And RB17A GMRS Radio has such good features:

1, 5w output power

RB17A has 5w output power, compared to the license-free radio, the higher power will make communication distance longer. For license-free radio, the high output power is 2w, so the communication distance is about 3 kilometers. For GMRS radio, RB17A has output power 5w, 2w, 0.5w respectively. If you want a short distance communication, you can choose 0.5w output power. If you want long-distance communication, 5w output power is more suitable!

2, 30 channels more alternative

For license-free radios, they have 16 or 22 channels, so the users can open the box and use the radio. It is very suitable for the user. Retevis RB17A has 30 channels, so the users can use the 30 channels to communicate.

3, Connect to the repeater

Another good point for GMRS radios is the GMRS radios can connect to a repeater. And Retevis has GMRS repeater RT97, it allows your radio to communicate more longer! And RT97 can be customized by customers!


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