Two-Way Radios for Household Emergency Kit

Two-Way Radios for Household Emergency Kit. Lots of families added the two way radios into their house emergency kit.  Now please Check your  Emergency Kit, if there is no walkie talkies,  please take a few minutes and read this blog.

Here we will talk about the walkie talkie radios. How it can heep your family safe.  How it can keep your family connected during the emergency situation.

The Benefits of Using a Two-Way Radio for an Emergency

We really don’t want to think of such bad situations, when the emergency comes, we need to make sure we’re fully prepared. When the powerfull hurricane is coming, cell phone service might be interrupted because of the broken signal tower. Power lines will break, causing widespread blackouts. We can’t keep connected with our family member, don’t know which room they are in. Especially at night, we can’t see anything without the light.

Now if you prepared the two way radio, it will help you to quickly connect with family members, and stay connected. And now lots of the family radios with the NOAA radio service. it is useful. The NOAA weather Radio channel will receive the emergency information like the hurricane and others.

Put the two way radios into your family outdoor Emergency Kit

Lots of families enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, skiing, or other outdoor adventure. Walkie talkies will be an essential tool of your outdoor emergency kit. Family two way radios are easy for children to use, when they go out playing and out of your sight, radios will help them to connect to you.

When camping in a remote area, the cell phone signal will be very weak and can’t get connected. So this time the two-way radios will help you keep connected. You can easily communicate with your family members. Also, the same when skiing. It will help you to talk with others when you want to talk.

Walkie talkies will offer you clear communication, also offer the safe for your whole family.

No monthly fee two-way radios

Two-way radios can be used widely, not only for family outdoor, family emergency. Also now the toy walkie talkies can be as the Christmas gift/birthday gift. For kids, the adult radios size will be bigger for them, so you can ready some toy radios for your children, it is also the real walkie talkies, just the communication range shorter than adult two-way radios.

For family and kids two way radio, choosing the FRS( Family radio service) band will be better, it is for family and personal use. No need to apply for the FCC license, no need to pay for the license.
You can use them out of the package, easy and practical.

The affordable Radios For family and kids

The best Two-Way Radios for Household Emergency Kit

Retevis RT45

The NOAA weather channel with flashlight License-free outdoor radio.

Retevis RT49P

The waterproof Floating License-free walkie talkies with flashlight,  SOS light.

Retevis RT75

The Kids Children license-free radios with compass

Retevis RA17

The license-free toys kids two way radios with 3packs in different colors. Especially for families with 3 children.

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