New GMRS mobile radio RB86 is used in off-roading

The pursuit of off-road is freedom and excitement, but the wild weather is unpredictable, but if you give up off-road because of the weather will undoubtedly give up water in the oasis. And cross-country in the mountains is a favorite spot for adventures. These off-road courses are undoubtedly unsafe and unstable, so the premise of safety is to maintain communication, but not be restricted by distance, so the new GMRS waterproof mobile radio RB86 is here.

RB86 package and screen

How to do Off-roading safely in the rain?

Weather: Weather changes require more preparation and safety measures. The NOAA and weather alert function can alert drivers as soon as they receive a forecast. If you are crossing a riverbed, sudden heavy rain can cause the water level to rise quickly. When the driver receives the alarm, he will have time to find a safer route.

Otherwise, the RB86 is IP67 waterproof radio, so you don’t worry about it in the rain. It is a mobile radio that is reassuring enough.

Communication: The communication range of RB86 is about 3 miles, but it is not a certain distance, because that distance can change depending on a number of factors. But you can try to use some high-gain antenna to enhance the call. C9205D antenna is suitable for it.

And if you need further distance to talk to others, the repeater can help you connect to other drivers. The GMRS repeater RT97 is on sale now, only $290.99usd on our website. You can put it in the camp, or you can put it in a car in the middle to connect more people. And we also have different handheld GMRS radios that can be used by people.

Follow your habits: You can customize the mic and your radio to follow your habits. You can set your usual functions on the Micphone and buttons. When you can’t look at the screen, a phone at your Mic can help you quickly invoke functions.

So, if you want to learn more information about the NEW GMRS mobile radio RB86, you can also contact support@retevis.com.



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