RM01 Marine radio: Give your seaborne a care

RM01 ship carton

The vast ocean is great for surfing, sailing, and fishing enthusiasts, but it is also dangerous and unknown. With no signal at sea and satellite phones very expensive, marine radios are a constant means of communication. You can mount it on your boat or hang it on your body. Staying online is the only way to stay safe at sea. RM01 marine radio is the best marine radio for your family to connect with you.


RM01 looks simple and small,

  • High-quality screen with a functional keyboard
  • AC/DC chargers
  • IP67 waterproof
  • CH16 one key for call
  • Scan, monitor, and dual/tri-watch
  • NOAA weather alarm
  • Floating and Vibration drainage

And one of our customers has tested it with families on their boat.

From the video, you can see the performance and application of RM01. How does it work with mobile radio and another radio, and it is the best application to use a marine radio if you have to leave your boat. RM01 is an IP67 waterproof radio, so it can work as normal in 1-meter depth water for about 30 minutes. And the floating function can help you find it in water. So, don’t worry about dropping it in the water when you are surfing. And about 10 sea miles communication distance can keep you in touch with your partner and your families. So, come to have a try of RM01.

If you are interested in the RM01 marine radio, you can find more blogs¬†about it, or you can contact us (support@retevis.com)for more information you’d like to know.


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