New MURS handheld radio RB17V is coming

New MURS handheld radio RB17V is coming, now it is avaliable in You can order it online here:

The standard package comes with 2 pack MURS radio RB17V. Now first, Let’s look the apperance:

New MURS handheld radio RB17V
New MURS handheld radio RB17V

Retevis RB17V without the display, the MURS VHF license-free radio, with 5 channels. The best VHF license-free radio for outdoor and business.

New MURS handheld radio RB17V features

1, MURS VHF band license-free radios.

Retevis RB17v is the MURS VHF band license-free radio. MURS band is the vhf band. Usually MURS can transmit farther in open areas compared to the traditional FRS walkie talkies.

And lots of people use the FRS band, make it a little busy. So in order to avoid this, choose MURS will be a good idea.

2, Offers multi-group CTCSS/DCS

Retevis RB17v only have 5 channels, but offers the CTCSS and DCS codes totally 282 groups. So it totally has 1410 matches.

3, Local and Remote alarm

Retevis RB17V offers the local and remote alarm. When you press the top orange button, it will sound alarm and send the alarm to your partners. Can be used in emergency case.

4, License-free

As I just said, Retevis RB17V is the MURS band radio, so it is the license-free radio. No license means you do not need to apply for the license to use the frequency, no need to cost the money or exam to own and operate this murs RB7V.

5, VOX function

When you active this function, you do not need to press the PTT to talk. Make your hands free, Voice-activated transmission frees hands for other tasks.

6, Preset 5 channels

MURS band radio has 5 channels, and Retevis RB17V preset these 5 vhf band channels, no need to program, you can use them out of the package. And these channels are preset with privacy codes to minimize unwanted interference from others.


Retevis RB17V is built on the MURS band and are ideal for business or personal use. It is simple, reliable, and with high performance license-free VHF band two-way radios.


If you have any questions about Retevis MURS radio and RB17V, please leave message below or contact by email:

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