Why Poc Radios are right for your business?

POC radios are right for your business. Especially when you need instant and long range distance. As we know, POC radio means push to talk over cellular network. It bases on the sim card network, to get the communication.

Almost like our mobile phone. As we know, the mobile phone don’t have the distance limited. You can call your friends around the world. The poc radio is also without distance limited. Below is our Retevis RB20 POC RADIO.

Poc radio is different from the mobile phone radios.

1, Cost

Mobile phone’s cost is very high. Because it has lots of functions, and can download lots of apps. The cost of poc radio is lower, and without many functions, make it easy to use. Our Retevis RB20 is the poc radio, with the selling price only USD139.99

2, The monthly fee

The Mobile phone with the sim card, and you can choose the different carriers, and choose different meals. The higher the price of the meals, the more service you will get. Like the mobile traffic and call time.

Retevis RB20 as the poc don’t have much fee. There are only two fees, one is the radio price, and another is management platform fee.

3, Instant communication

Mobile phone don’t support the instant comunication.  You need to dial  your friends phone number, then talk to them. But the poc radio supports the instant communication. You can press the PTT to talk with others.

4, POC radio offers the GPS dispatch system

Retevis RB20 offers the system for GPS track.  You can track the location on the computer, to check your group memebers location, and Check the movement trajectory of different time periods.

This function will help the logistics company to check different package locations. Also will help the property management company to check the Patrols by security personnel.

So if  you want to choose a perfect communication tool for your business, poc radio will be a good choice.


If you have any questions about POC radio, please leave message below or contact us by email: partner@retevis.com


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