New Powerful GMRS band Radio RB27 is coming

New Powerful GMRS band Radio RB27 is coming

Retevis released a new GMRS band radio, Model RB27. It designs with  the large LCD screen, and with two colors  Black and Orange. The new GMRS band radio in 2021.

Let’s check the design first.

1, Retevis RB27 with the fashion design, with the screen in the below picture. Two main colors Black and Orange.

2, Comes with 6 function keys in the front: Scan/call tone key, Monitor/NOAA key, Menu key and A/B two channel switch key, Up and down key.

3, Sidekey button with the FM key, it means Retevis RB27 has the FM function.

4, It Comes with the Long antenna as the picture.


The features about Retevis RB27

1, GMRS Band Licenced Long range Two way radios

Retevis RB27 is the new model, with the 30 GMRS band Channles and you need to get the GMRS licensed from FCC, then  you or your family members can operate this radio. Not like the License-free radios FRS band radio, RB27 with the output power to 5w, make the communication range longer than FRS band License-free radios.

The powerful RB27 GMRS two-way radio is durably constructed, provides excellent range and is equipped with a display.

2, Dual Watch function

Retevis RB27 can watch two channels at the same time. Watch 2 GMRS channels, give priority to the first channel to receive an incoming call. If you have two working channels, you can active this function.

3, FM radio

Yes, if you carry this GMRS radio outdoor for hiking or camping, you can listen some FM radios. Make your Trip more interesting.

4, NOAA weather Channles

Retevis RB27 comes with 11 NOAA Weather Channles, help you to get the weather in advance, give you more time to plan your trip.

5, VOX Function

When hiking up a steep mountain trail with portable two-way radio, keep your hands free to brace the rocky terrain. When Active the hands-free communication, you can keep on moving without stopping to answer a call. Give your hands-free, and you can do much more things during outdoor.

6, Walkie Talkies Rechargeable

Retevis RB27 is rechargeable two way radio can support the USB charging. Support Type-C direct charging and charging dock. Very convenient to charger your RB27 when the batterier with low power.

7, TOT

TOT (Time out Timer ) is used to set the continuous emission maximum time of walkie talkies. Retevis RB27 also can set it, You can set off, or with the time 30s-180s

8, LCD backlight can be set

You can set the backlight, the value On/Off/Key. When choose On, the backlight will always be on, Off means backlight off.  And key means when you press the key, the backlight will on, if there is no  operate for 5 seconds, the backlight will off.


More information about this New GMRS band long range two way radio RB27, please visit our website: Retevis also have lots of GMRS radios, like the Model RA17A, RT76. RT76P, and Waterproof GMRS radio RB75.


If any question, please leave message below or Email us:

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  1. Been using Revitive for a few years always found to be value for money and very well made would love to try these new Walkie talkies

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