RB75 GMRS waterproof walkie talkie is coming!

Retevis GMRS family add a new member—RB75, add more options for your choice of a walkie-talkie. GMRS means “General Mobile Radio Service,” and is the most powerful option. They require a license (originally, they were only available for commercial use) if you plan to use them in the United States. Have a look of RB75 GMRS walkie talkie.Here is the link: https://www.retevis.com/RB75-Waterproof-Long-Standby-GMRS-Handheld-Two-way-Radios

1. RB75 is a 5W radio, support longer communication distance.

This walkie-talkie is 5w, the communication distance is longer than FRS radio. When you hiking or traveling with your kids, whether it’s in the backyard, a friend’s house, in the mall, in the park, or on a busy camping ground. For kids especially, two-way radios can replace cell and smartphones and are fun to use. On-road trips using two or more cars. Kids can make a game out of contacting others to pass the time using these GMRS radios.

2. RB75 comes with a 4500mAh battery.

RB75 has a 4500mAh battery, is higher than other GMRS radios, which means it has long standby time. When you traveling or haiking, use a higher battery walkie talkies is important, it can extend the call time and ensure that you and your partner will not lose contact.

3. RB75 GMRS walkie talkie is waterproof.

When you’re out hiking and get caught in the rain, it’s just a good idea that your walkie talkie can stand up and not get damaged from the water. Or, if you’re crossing a stream or a river in the woods and you drop your radio in a body of water, so, it is important to carry with a waterproof radio.

Other impressing features:

VOX: You don’t always have hands free during your outdoor expedition or it’s just not convenient to be pressing that talk button. With VOX, you can speak in the direction of the radio without using your hands.

TOT function.

RB75 GMRS walkie talkie suitables for many occasions, such as family gatherings, parent-child games and camping, etc, with RB75 walkie talkies, will make your experience more colorful. If you need more in the future, please contact us freely.

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