New Retevis dual band dual PTT DMR GPS RT52 released

Retevis dual band dual PTT DMR GPS RT52 is a Amateur radio, frequency range UHF 400-470MHz and VHF136-174MHz,dual band dual display own VFO mode for programming manually. 4000 channels, 250zones, 16ch each zones. RT52 has DTMF function in analog mode.Simply know about Retevis RT52 following

Main features:

1.Broadband digital GPS two way radio

2.Dual PTT Operation

3.Various Scanning Functions

4.Single/Dual Standby Switch

5.DTMF(Analog Mode)

6.Direct or Repeater TDMA Tier II Modes (Hytera, MOTOROLA, Kirisun etc.)

7.Voice Recording Option(Analog/Digital, Playback, Delete)

Unique dual PTT appearance design
Retevis RT52









Dual PTT can control two channels in A/B band at the same time, which avoid trouble to switch two channels. Dual band dual display dual PTT receive two channels, improve communication efficiently








4000 Channels(250 Zones, 16CH per Zone)

RT52 has 250 zones, each can added 16 channels at most

Retevis RT52


32 groups DTMF signaling

Retevis RT52

Support GPS function

Support GPS function, which can check the location information of radio, including: time, date, longitude, latitude, speed, altitude and satellite number. After the GPS function is enabled, the GPS positioning data can be manually sent to the target radio or the positioning data can be saved to the draft box in the form of a short message to be sent when needed. After receiving the data, the target radio will store the data in the form of a short message, which can be viewed and received GPS data in the inbox.
Retevis RT52


RT52 USB driver and software

Please download RT52 USB driver and software on resources center by this link:

If you interesting Retevis dual band dual PTT DMR GPS RT52,welcome order it on Retevis brand store)

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