What should we do when walkie talkies can’t work?

Sometimes some customers will overwhelmed said their walkie talkies can not work.they will think the radio is broken,sometimes it’s not.So what should we do when walkie talkies can not work?Now let’s discussion this problem follow the steps,please reference it.

Walkie talkies can’t work,this is a very vague statement,there are servel situations about walkie talkies don’t work.

1.It can’t turn on.

If it is can’t turn on normally, please test by the following methods

1.Please check to see if the radio is low battery,if so,please charge it immediately.

2.Please confirmif the switch knob is normal, remove the plastic knob, and manually turn it on with metal. If it works normally, the plastic knob is broken.

Please replace a new plastic knob.

2.It can turn on,but not working properly after turning on , please test by the following methods:

1.Please check if it is on the same CTCSS/DCS,if no,they can not communication.Please set them in same frequency and CTCSS/DCS.

2.Please  check if the indicator light is normally displayed in red when the PTT button is pressed.If it is not displayed in red, it may be that the PTT key is broken.

3.Please test if the radio is working properly after removing the earpiece. If no ,it may be that the microphone of the walkie-talkie is broken.

4.Please view if the indicator light is green when the radio receives the signal.

If you have any questions about above tips,please contact support@retevis.com freely,we will help you freely.


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