NEW Retevis RT84 dual band DMR radio is available

RT84 is dual band 2 slots DMR radio, which has abundant functions, full color LCD display and keyboard to operate by hands. Frequency range 136-174 MHz(VHF)&400-470 MHz(UHF) and 5W power and 3000 channels, mainly used for close and long distance communication. NEW Retevis RT84 dual band DMR radio is available, welcome to know more about RT84:

New model RETEVIS RT84

1.Main Features

A.Abundant function for different applications, especially meet with HAMS need
B.Compare with others DMR radios, the unique is high performance price ratio
C.Dual slots improve communication availability
D.Compatible digital and analog mode, talking from different signals

2.Main functions

A.Direct mode/dual capacity dual direct mode DCDM function

DCDM is a feature that allow two slots operation on simplex mode, when open DCDM, slots worked on simplex, two radios have to keep same slot to communicate each other, know more please check this blogs for details:
B.Support private and group call match
Open private and group call match, no matter contacts in private and group call, two radios can talk with each other under frequency same, color code same, time slot same

3.Difference appearance

RT84 own difference appearance with others DMR radio, like RT3, RT82,RT82 and HD1. it looks more high-end atmospheric grade with tactile impression

4.Main application

As RT84 is amateur radio, which fit widely use on Hams. At the same time, it also fits tourism, leisure, hiking, outdoor sports, travel, business and office and other industries

Standards accessories:
1 x RT84 digital two way radio

1 x Antenna

1 x Battery

1 x Adapter

1 x Charger

1 x Belt Clip

1 x Hand Strap

1 x User Manual

1 x Earpiece ( in package)


If you would to know about RT84, please download USB driver and software and manual by this link:

If you interest in RT84, welcome to order it on Retevis brand store by this link:

Sure, you also can directly contact for questions and orders need by email:

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