noise-cancelling headset

Retevis Noise Cancelling Headset for walkie talkie

Not a few customers required Noise Cancelling Headset for walkie talkie, to use in a noisy environment.

What scenarios are suitable for use Noise Cancelling Headset? car
2.Film and television director
3.Drivers driving large machinery
4.Night Club
7.Airport ground handling
8.Heavy industry factory

Based on so many customers’ requirement, Retevis has developed a new noise cancelling single side headset. As below:

noise-cancelling earpiece

1.Single side headset: meet your requirement for preventing noise, at the same time, no missing important informations.
2.Voice adjustment available
3.Super soft comfortable head cushion and ear  cover, wear comfortable;
4.Suitable for not only have anti-noise requirement, but also need hear part Live sound
5.Kenwood 2pins plug, It is suitable for all  walkie-talkies with kenwood 2 pin; E.g KENWOOD RETEVIS TYT and so on.
6.High Elastic Metal Bracket, Good Quality,  Good Strength;

Retevis have also double sides noise-cancelling headset. Which is suitable for totally noise-cancelling requirement.


noise cancelling headset

Noise cancelling headset Advantages:

1.Easy to operate with three PTT

2.Finger PTT makes the application more extensive

3.VOX switch for easy use

4.Dual volume adjustment knobs to meet different needs

5.Dual microphone application makes transmission of speech clearer

6.ABS shell material is more durable

7.Sponge-filled dual earpiece for a more comfortable fit

8.Comfortable, Soft skinearmuff, clear and penetrating speaker

9.Design of waterproof connector

These two earpieces are high-end noise-cancelling earpiece. Suitable for Retevis kenwood 2pins walkie talkies, such as RT3S, RT82, RT22, RT27, etc.  If you are interested in or for more details, please feel free to email to

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