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Preppers Checklists-Are you ready?

Preppers Checklists-Are you ready?

Have you already stocked all the items to get you throuhg the coronavirus crisis?

Now the COVID-2019 outbreak hit lots of countries, For beginner Preppers, think too much will make you forget the important.

So We list Preppers Checklists here to help you:

1, Water

This is the very important thing, supply the enough water. Storing 1 gallon of water per person per day.

2, Food

Supply enough food, if you are beginners, you can start to supply the foods no more than 30days. When you get used to Preppers over time, you can consider to store more.

And for foods, you can store what you want to eat, and the food easy to store, like:

Rice, Pasta, Canned Meat, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruits, Iodized Salt, Powdered Milk and so on.

3, Walkie Talkies

Lots Preppers have the walkie talkies, and usually they will choose the Ham radios.

The famous analog mode amateur radio RT5R has been widely used for preppers. But now lots of hams start using the Digital mode radio, so now the DMR radio is become more popular.

4, Clothing and Warmth Items

The items I recommend are things like warm flannel shirts, sturdy blue jeans, thick long johns, long wool socks, bib or full-length overalls, etc.

5, Solar Charger

Solar Charger allows you to power your important tools and devices.

6, First Aid and Medical Supplies

We may have to become our own physicians, and so you need the basic tools to take care of your family’s medical needs.

7, Toilet Paper

I have been told lots of people are snapping up the Toilet Paper, they stored lots of toilet paper because of the COVID-2019.

8, Other hand tools like the Hammers, Shovles, Knife, Pliers, Saws.

Stock the basic hand tools will be important.

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