Our new explosion-proof radio RT56B is coming

Our new explosion-proof radio RT56B is coming. Are you always work in an explosive environment like a flour factory, gas industry, and other special workplaces? Due to prevent yourself from explosive, you should use explosion-proof radio. Now, we have a new explosion-proof radio RT56B.

RT56B explosive-proof business radio

The functions of RT56B:

Frequency range: FRS/PMR446

Channel: 22 channels/16 channels

Battery Capacity: 1800mAh

  • Scanning
  • Remote Stun/Remote Kill Function
  • VOX Voice-operated Transmitted
  • 1750Hz Tone Code Function
  • CTCSS/DCS/DTMF Encode and Decode
  • FM Radio
  • English Voice Prompt
  • Torch Light

To compare with RT56:

RT56 compare with RT56B

RT56 is an explosion-proof DMR radio with a screen and keyboard, but RT56B without a screen and keyboard.

More information can find on our website:

RT56 Explosion-proof DMR Radio

RT56B Explosion-proof FRS Radio

And you can find other information on RT56 DMR radio:

Are you work in dust or explosives? RT56 is your escort

Our new explosion-proof radio RT56B is coming.

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