Two Sets Of MURS RB17V For Mountaineering

What should I do if there is no signal for climbing? Don’t be afraid, two sets of MURS RB17V for mountaineering.

MURSRB17V is a two-way two-way radio with only 5 channels, suitable for consumers who use the two-way radio for the first time. The operation is simple and easy to carry. MURSRB17V has a large battery capacity of 4400 mAh. And accept car charger, wall charger, USB charging and computer charging. Easy to charge, suitable for outdoor activities. Therefore, in mountaineering activities, walkie-talkies with large batteries are a sense of security.

The antenna of MURSRB17V is longer, the receiving signal is far, and the coverage is large. Companding technology makes the received signal clearer. When you encounter unexpected situations or need to communicate and coordinate while climbing, clear and efficient communication is very important. MURSRB17V is a two-set walkie-talkie, which makes consumers feel good and cheap.

Two sets of MURS RB17V for mountaineering

When team members are climbing a mountain, encourage each other at any time; when the night is quiet, they can chat in the tent; when tactical strategies are needed, respond in time. Therefore, when you have a mountain climbing plan or a medical rescue plan, even if you don’t have a mobile phone, the walkie-talkie can definitely meet your communication needs.

Retevis MURS RB17V is also suitable for construction sites, medical rescue, schools, farms, and winery communications. Really professional and convenient.

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