Owl Kids Toy walkie talkie Model RT30

The Owl Kids Toy RT30, with the Owl apparance! Now the presell begins: http://bit.ly/2oqOf8P

See this sketch below to know more about the keys on Owl kidsToy RT30:

How to use this Cute Owl kids Toy RT30 :

1,Install the battery( with 3*AAA Battery)

2, Long Press the “Nose” to turn on/off the radio.

3, Press the “Talk” Button to talk to others!

So easy to use it, right?

Frequency of RT30:

US version:467.5625MHz

EU version:446.09375MHz

Special for Owl kidsToy RT30:

When Eye with red light flashing, it is transmit

When Eye with Blur ligth flashing,it is receive.

the Red light, it is transmitting
the blue light, it is receiving.



Wanna to know more about this radio? please contact us here or email us : partner@retevis.com



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