RT97 analog repeater

Powerful Retevis analog repeater RT97 is coming!

A mini but power analog repeater Retevis RT97 is coming!

Most customers care about walkie talkie communication range. But they think repeater is always heavy in weight, high in price, difficult to install and operate? So even if their communication range is not enough when using, they do have have a suitable solution.But now this problem has been resolved, Retevis released a mini but power analog repeater, call Retevis RT97.

What’s RT97 analog repeater looks like?

It’s small: around 26*21*7CM in mearsurement.

It’s light weight: net weight less than 2kgs

analog repeater

What’s the default frequency in Retevis analog repeater RT97?

Currently only UHF frequency available, we plan to make 16 channels with UHF frequency.
If you have requirement for the frequency, you can also tell us in advance, we can custom for you.

RT97 analog repeater has software, just read from radio, you will see the default channels inside software.

How to easily operate Retevis analog repeater RT97?

1.Just install the feeder cable and repeater antenna, plug in the power adapter, power on
2.Press on the menu button on the device, switch among different channels.
3.Set walkie talkies in reversed frequency and CTCSS is ok.

For example:

Repeater channel 1:

RX frequency: 406.2375 RX CTCSS: 67
TX frequency: 407.2375 RX CTCSS: 67

All walkie talkes should set:

RX frequency: 407.2375 RX CTCSS: 67
TX frequency: 406.2375 RX CTCSS: 67

How about the range extend effect for Retevis RT97 analog repeater?

Retevis made a test based on different power radios, inside city surroudings.

Retevis RT97 test

For 2W–5W Retevis radio, like Retevis H777, RT21, RT5R the testing site to radio range around 4-5km(radius). So the radio to radio point to point range around 8-10km.

For 10W Retevis radio, like Retevis RT1, RT29 the testing site to radio range around 6-8km(radius. So the radio to radio point to point range around 8-10km.

Sure, the actually communication range is based on the terrains and surroundings you are using walkie talkies.

Retevis RT97 range test

Ok, if you have any other questions, or you need a  price for this powerful and econonical analog repeater, please feel free to contact kam@retevis.com, we are always here.

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