How to Connect the RT9550 with HD1?

How to Connect the RT9550 with HD1?

We all know that repeater is always used for amplify signals, increase communication distance and extend coverage.

Retevis put a new repeater on the market, it is RT9550.  It is a DMR Repeater, have Digital/Analog mode.

Today we will talk about how to connect the RT9550 with HD1 by software and manually.

First of all, we set the Repeater:

Analog Mode:

TX:440.0250 MHz

RX:430.0250 MHz

CTCSS/DCS: 118.8


Digital Mode:

TX:440.0250 MHz

RX:430.0250 MHz

Color Cod: 5

Time Slot: 1

Contact: Retevis

ID: 170701

Now we will set our radio.

一、We connect RT 9550 with HD1 by software.

1.Basic Setting ,choose the “Rely Re-transmission: 5 (or 6)” , so that it can try to connect multiple times.

  1. Set the channel information:

Both Analog CH and Digital CH Set the RX=440.02500; TX=430.02500.

In Analog CH:

Set as the below, it is ok:

In Digital CH:

Set Contact:

Write to radio, It will be ok.

That is all setting by Software.

二、We set HD1 connect with RT 9550 Manually.

You need to write the Frequency on the VFO mode.

Set the Analog Mode, we set it on Band A.

Just set the TX, Shift Up、Shift Frequency、CTCSS.

TX=440.2500 MHZ, Shift Up=Minus, Shift Frequency=10.00000, CTCSS=118.0 HZ.

  1. In VFO mode, We write the RX =40250 MHz

(Long press “Exit” to change the DMR to Analog, Short press”Exit”to change the VFO to Channel Mode)

  1. Set CTCSS: 118.8.

C-CDC is including R-DCD & T-DCD. If you need to set R-DCD & T-DCD, just set C-CDC, it will be the same to R-DCD & T-DCD.
Menu-Band A set- C-DCD(118.8). If your C-DCD is show“OFF”, please press “*Scan” to choose CTCSS or CDCSS or OFF.

  1. In band A, press the down key, choose the Channel name, input :Analog.
  2. Shift Up: Minus. Shift Frequency=10.00000 Mhz.

The frequency difference between a repeater and a radio is the opposite.

The Repeater transmitting frequency is the radio’ s Receiving frequency. It shows on the HD1 screen is 440.0250 MHz, It is the Repeater ‘s transmitting frequency, and it is HD1 receive frequency. HD1 Transmitting frequency should be 430.0250 MHz, it is the RX of Repeater .

So we should set the shift up is Minus, And Shift Frequency=10.00000 Mhz, to make sure the Transmitting frequency of HD1 is 430.02500.

Now Press the PTT, you can see the Rx=430.25000, and the CTCSS=118.8 HZ. It can connect wit Repeater.

Set the DMR Mode, we set it on Band B.

  1. We still set the RX=440.02500 MHZ.
  2. Add contacts:

Press Menu-Contacts,set contact ID=170101,Type=Group, Name=retevis.

  1. Set Shift up &Shift Freq:

Press Menu-Band B Set-shift UP=Minus-Shift Freq=10.00000.

  1. DMR mode=Repeater.

5.Set Color Code:

Color code=5

  1. Set DMR slot

DMR slot=Slot 1.

Then test it, it will be connect with repeater.

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