How to switch voice prompt of radios?

When many people using walkie talkies first time,they may can’t understand how to switch language, sometimes the voice prompt is Chinese,for people who don’t understand Chinese at all,it is very inconvenience.  So how to switch voice prompt so that let us use the walkie-talkies more conveniently,let’s learn this operate together.

Take RT22 as an example.

Step1. You need programming RT22.

Please download USB universal driver and RT22 software from Retevis official website freely:

Please use a cable to programming RT22,You can get it on

About programming RT22,here is the blog:, please reference it.

Step 2. After install the software,click”Edit-Optional Features”, you can select “Voice prompt”Chinese or English, If you don’t want voice prompt,you can select “off”.

As is the following shows: 

About other radios, you also can use the same method,This is one of the ways,if you have any questions,please contact will help you freely!



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