Presale RT87! Best Waterproof Two-Way Radios of 2018

RT87 is a real IP67 waterproof analog Amateur radio for Hams,dual band VHF136-174MHz,UHF400-480MHz


Do you know what’s a waterproof two way tadio?

A waterproof 2-way radio is what it sounds like: a walkie talkie set designed to withstand water exposure without getting damaged.

But the definition of “waterproof” is a little more complicated than a lot of consumers realize. The term is used quite casually, but really “waterproof” radios might fall under any of the following categories:

Weather resistant

This type of radio can function in cold or damp conditions. It may not actually be water resistant at all.


This type of radio can hold up to especially harsh weather conditions, but it still may be damaged by water exposure.

Water resistant

This type of radio will function in most rainy situations, and may also hold up to splashing.


This radio may withstand heavier rainfall and may also be submersible.


Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Waterproof Two-Way Radio

Where will you use your radios?
If you are shopping for a radio you will take hunting in the woods in occasional rain, you probably do not need the same level of waterproofing you would if you were going to take your radio with you on a sailboat.

What is the purpose of your waterproof radios?

You also should ask yourself what you will be using your radio for. Is it to stay connected during an emergency in a region which receives a lot of flooding? Is it for sailing or kayaking or other recreational purposes? Your purpose will help inform the features you need to shop for.


Introduction by above, you should to know how to choose a waterproof radio, if you interested in RT87 real waterproof, please contact us, when it will be available in the beginning of April, 2018

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