RT30-the simplest radio for children

Simplest radio for children  RT30 is coming.  RT30 is very suitable for 3-6 years old children,a very simple radio.Just one channel,no worry about mess up the channel.Just two buttons,children can use it without teach.The radio will automatic shutdown after 30 minutes without operation. RT30 can save more power.

RT30 radio

1.Simplest key: RT30 Just have one channel and two buttons.

Just two buttons: RT30 only have two button,”nose” and “talk” button. long press the “nose”, it will turn on/off.
When you want to talk,just press the “talk” button,you can talk to your kids.

Just one channel:Your child can also directly pick up the radio and call with friends.No need to adjust the channel/frequency.

Never worry about mess up the channel/frequency.

RT30 radio2.Simplest to use:Your children will not miss your call.

If you don’t want others to miss your call,you can press the nose before transmit.

It will transmit a call ring”tinkle tinkle”,and the eyes will blink.let your children know that you are calling him/her.
Then your children will not miss your call.

3. RT30 will shut down by itself.


If you do not use the radio, RT30 will shut down automatically,after 30 minutes.

Don’t worry about your children forgetting to turn off the radio.

It will save the radio power.


It will be the simplest radio for children.

More easier to use.More cute to look.Smaller shape to hold.

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