Promiscuous Function on Retevis RT84

In the software of RT84, there has an option–Group Call Match, what function is it achieve?

Group Call Match

Actually, the group call match is similar to Promiscuous of Ailunce HD1.

Check the Group Call Match option means that you do not open the group promiscuous function. If you uncheck the option means you turn on the group promiscuous function.

Let’s start the test, I use two Retevis RT84 radio in this test, radio A and radio B.

Set the radio A: radio ID: 4606001, frequency:452.36000, color code: 1,time slot: 1,contact: group call ID:54321.

Set the radio B: radio ID: 3322110,frequency: 452.36000, color code: 1, time slot :1, contact: group call ID:321.

a. Radio A uncheck the option (Group Call Match), radio B uncheck the option.

In general, the option is checked by default, that is the promiscuous mode is not enabled.

Push the A’s PTT, the two cannot connect, push the B’S PTT, the two cannot connect also.

b. Radio A check the option, radio B uncheck the option.

Push the PTT of A, B cannot receive the signal. But push the PTT of B, A can receive the group call signal of A,and in the Group Call Hang Time, A can push the PTT to transmit a signal to the group received.

c. Radio A uncheck the option, radio B uncheck the option.

Push the A’s PTT, B can receive the signal of A, and in the Group Call Hang Time, B also can transmit a signal to the group received, radio A is the same as radio B.


When HD1 is in promiscuous mode, only the same color code and same frequency are required. Signals can be received even if the time slot is different, but the promiscuous function of RT84 must need the same time slot.

It means that you can receive the signals from the same color code, same time slot, same frequency, and different contacts( group ID).

And in the Group Call Hang Time, you can transmit a signal to the group you received. You can check the Hang up Time as shown below.

There is another option–Private Call Match, it is similar to Group Call Match, but it just can be used in the private call and the Group Call Match is only can be used in the group call.

Retevis RT84, RT82, RT3S have these two functions, you can check the options on software or keypad of the radio.

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