Provide more frequencies for European users-RA615

Note: RA615 and RA15 are currently in the giveaway activity, so you can’t miss it.

RA615 is a newly launched children’s walkie-talkie suitable for European frequencies. Now it adds 69 channels of LPD433, which not only avoids the communication efficiency due to channel congestion, but also the technology represents the industry’s leading level.

Provide more frequencies for European users
Provide more frequencies for European users

Now let’s take a closer look at RA615:

  1. 69 Channel LPD433
  2. 16 Channels PMR446transceiver.
  3. Call Ringtone Ten selectable tones
  4. With headphone jack
  5. With micro-USB charging jack
  6. Roger Beep Selectable On/Off
  7. Key tone
  8. Auto Squelch

In addition to basic functions, RA615 has an innovative design to add foam support behind the battery shrapnel. This design allows the walkie-talkie to fall without damage.

RA615 walkie-talkie is very suitable for assisting outdoor games. Children can play hide and seek in the outdoor park, without hindering the fun of the game due to the large space. Children can use the intercom to communicate. There are also great benefits for role-playing games. The children use walkie-talkies to communicate, making the police role more realistic and engaging. The use of walkie-talkies can make children have fun in outdoor exploration, and then exercise their creativity and team assistance capabilities.

Provide more frequencies for European users
Provide more frequencies for European users

There was already a picture of the child cheering in the yard with the walkie-talkie. awesome!

In addition, we are also looking for partners who can help us test RA615 and RA15. If you are also looking for us, welcome to contact us.

If you want to know more about RA615, please leave a message below or click on the link:

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  1. The walkie talkie are good, but the ctcss codes are locked… can we know how to unlock and change the ctcss and dcs codes on the european pmr446 version?
    Thank you

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