Retevis RT85 giveaway movement

We want you! Retevis RT85 wants you!

Hi, guys! Retevis RT85 is on the shelves!!! And now we are choosing you to test our new model!!!

RT85 Giveaway Movement

Want test Retevis radio but no extra money for it? Your chance is here! Make a test plan for our rt85, if passed, we will send you a new RT85 radio for free! Then you need to finish the test with our new Retevis RT85 radio!

Retevis RT85 giveaway movement
Retevis RT85 giveaway movement

Our requirements:

1: Make a specific review on our official website.

2: Share us some creative pictures and review of RT85, also on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and ins( can’t take good photos of your girlfriend, but taking photos of radio is easy), if you can add a short video of your feeling about Retevis RT85, that couldn’t be better!!!

3: If you have nowhere to share your review, (we know someone is lazy!) you can just send us, and we will show your review and pictures on our official social media!

4: Remember to finish your test in two weeks. (You will make it! right? honey!)

Ps: If your review and pictures are thoughtful, we will contact you in the next new product tests! Also, honesty is the most important thing!

Applying Time: July 29th ——August 6th, 2020

We will choose THREE lucky dogs! Come on, guys!


If you have any questions about our product, please email us: or leave messages below. Retevis reserves the right of final explanation.

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3 thoughts on “We want you! Retevis RT85 wants you!”

  1. Russell Goss

    I would make a video review for it. I would first go over the programming software. I would review the body of the radio and any features it has. I would go over the menus in the radio. I would then field test it, testing the recieve and transmitt range. I will put it to use at my next ham radio public service event. This review will be posted on my YouTube channel, and anywhere else you want to post it. Russell KD9FAL

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