RA36 License-free Walkie Talkies for Kids Adults Family

RA36 Lisense-free Walkie Talkies for Kids Adults Family.

RA36 is a outdoor license-free walkie-talkie suitable for Kids Adults Family, it is a walkie-talkie that is very suitable for families to go out and play, such as camping, hiking, etc. There are three in a set, which are red, yellow, and green. The colors are full of vitality and are suitable for families and children to use together. There is a screen for easy operation. Small size, easy to carry. RA36 have FRS frequency version and PMR446 frequency version. The FRS frequency has 22 channels; there is also LPD433 frequency in the PMR446 frequency version. The LPD433 channel is used by relatively few people and will suffer less interference.

Functions of RA36 Lisense-free Walkie Talkies for Kids Adults Family:

1. Monitor: Long press MON to turn on the monitor button.

2. Scan: Long press SCAN to turn on/off.

3. Keyboard lock: Long press the menu to lock/unlock, which can prevent misoperation during use.

4. Calling tone: There are 10 groups of calling tones to choose from, and you can set exclusive calling tones for contacts.

5. Restore factory settings: On the FRS version of RA36, press and hold the lamp button at the same time to turn on the radio, you can restore the factory settings of the walkie-talkie.

7. Dual wait: Yes, RA36 has a dual wait function, which can be more convenient for your use.

If you want to know more about RA36, please contact us: partner@retevis.com .

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