RA19 Bluetooth license-free walkie-talkie

RA19 Bluetooth license-free walkie-talkie. You may know the RB37 Built-in Bluetooth FRS radio, but do you know the RA19 bluetooth lisence-free two-way radio? RA19 Bluetooth walkie-talkie is very convenient to use.

RA19 is a license-free Bluetooth walkie-talkie with clear voice and good call quality. From the appearance, its color is grass green, the color is fresh and bright. There is a display screen, which is easy to operate and use. This walkie-talkie is not only suitable for family indoor and outdoor use, but also suitable for outdoor beginners. It is also suitable for general commercial people.

Functions of RA19:

RA19 Bluetooth walkie-talkie is very convenient to use.  Its operation is simple and easy to use, it is very suitable for beginners to use.

NOAA weather channels

RA19 has 11 NOAA weather channels, you can know the weather at any time during outdoor activities, take precautions, and make outdoor activities more smooth.

Bluetooth walkie-talkie

RA19 is a lisence-free built-in Bluetooth walkie-talkie, with a matching Bluetooth headset, there is no need to buy an additional bluetooth earpiece. And RA19 can use not only the matching Bluetooth headset, but also other Bluetooth headsets. The Bluetooth function of RA19 can realize hands-free function, freeing your hands.

Alarm function

RA19 has two alarm modes: local alarm and remote alarm, which can be turned on by short pressing the side button

Dual standby function

RA19 has dual standby function, which can be more convenient for your use.

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