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Discover the combination keys of RT7

Have you ever bought a new device, but you don’t know how to operate many functions? The manual will have a more detailed description, but the manual is mostly used when there is a problem. So, for those of you who have bought or about to buy an RT7, do you really know all the functions?

Here are a few key combinations used in RT7 that work the same way, but with different results. Let’s take a look at them.

Normally, the factory language of the walkie-talkie is English, but we also have Chinese options. As a result, users sometimes switch from English to Chinese by mistake. At this point, you need a very quick way to change languages.

Firstly, you should turn on your radio and set the channel to 15th, and turn it off.

Secondly, long-press the PTT button and side key 1, and turn on the radio. You can hear the prompt voice in English or Chinese.

However, if you set the channel to 16th and still press the PTT button and side key 1 when your turn on the radio, you can turn on or turn off the Scan function. But you should set it on the software first.

Do you want to have a prompt voice when you operating? Then combination keys can turn on/turn off the prompt voice quickly. Firstly, you should set the channel to 10, and still press the PTT button and side key 1, you can hear a prompt voice.

Do you think the combination keys are useful? Here is more information about RT7:



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