what is monitor function on walkie talkies?

Monitor function on walkie-talkies is a very common feature. So what is the Monitor function? Here we will talk about it.

So what is the Monitor function?

Usually, the Monitor is a mode to help you receive the weak signal. By pressing the dedicated key to forcibly connect the receiving signal channel, the operator usesĀ ears to distinguish the faint sound in the speaker to achieve the purpose of listening.

What the Principle of the Monitor function?

When you press the monitor button, it means you disabled the CTCSS/DCS codes. No matter set the codes or not, you can receive from other radios with the same frequencies.

How to active the Monitor function?

Lots of walkie-talkies with the dedicated key to activate the monitor function. If your radio doesn’t have, you can check the software. Some radios can be programmed its side keys as the monitor button.

The effect to activate the Monitor function

1, Turn off the radio’s CTCSS/DCS, receive the signals from the same frequency radios.

2, When activating the Monitor, means set the squelch level to zero. The weak signals can be received.

Test the Monitor Function on Retevis Radios

Model H777 H777 RT24 RT69

We set the frequency of the first three channels to be the same, the sub-audio setting of the first channel of RT24 and RT69 is 79.7, H777 Setting 69.3. Setting H777 side key as the monitor function.
After the software is set up, let’s verify it
1. Turn on RT24 and RT69 and select channel 1.

RT24 can communicate with RT69, and the indicator will show red when transmitting.
The indicator light shows green when receiving a signal
2. Open H777, RT24, and RT69, select channel 1
(1) Transmit with H777, RT24 and RT69 cannot receive sound, H777 transmitting indicator shows red light, RT24, and RT69
When the signal is received, the indicator light shows green, this is because their sub-audio settings are inconsistent.
(2) Press the H777 monitor button and use RT24 to transmit the signal, and the RT24 indicator will show red. At this time, H777 and RT69. The sound can be heard, and the indicator light shows a green light.
(3) When the monitor button is released, H777 will not receive any sound, and the indicator light will show a green light.


Above is the monitor function on walkie-talkies. Some radios also have a room monitor, like the model RT45.

If you have any questions about the monitor function, please leave a message below.



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  1. Mikhail Petrov

    What is the function of PTT + Power On on channel 13? (Visually) It only sets the red led on. When you push the PTT button it goes green and after release it is back to red state.

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