Radio Compatibility

Radio Compatibility: What Radio Models Could Work Together?

People always ask one question: Does this radio compatible with my old radios I already have?
This is a Radio Compatibility question, which is best answered based on the type of the radio (consumer radios or business radios), Here are the different answers.

Consumer Radio Compatibility

Consumer radios operate on a standard set of frequencies, either the GMRS or FRS services or a combination of both. Most newer consumer radios are “dual service” radios that support both FRS and GMRS. These radios will typically have 22 channels. Older consumer radios may only have 14 channels, operating only on FRS.

All of these radios support FRS and/or GMRS use the same frequencies and are compatible with one another. Simply set all radios to the same channel number and CTCSS ( privacy code ), and you will be able to communicate.

Business Radio Compatibility

Business Radio Compatibility is not nearly as Consumer radios. Firstly, there are several types of frequencies that business radios are made to support: VHF&UHF. So the first step is finding a compatible radio that supports the same frequency type as your old radios.

These frequency types refer to original entire range of actual frequencies. And make sure choosing the same frequency type not guarantee compatibility. If you purchased your old radios from true two way radio dealers, there is a possibility that the dealer have programmed special custom frequencies into the radio. If this were the case, your radios may not be compatible with a new radio even if you purchased the same model. But you could ask the seller for the default frequency and programming software, and buy a correct programming cable, you could set them in the same frequency and CTCSS, then they be able to communicate.

If you have any questions or concerns about radio compatibility, Please contact us at and we can recommend a compatible solution.

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  1. Hello, I currently own a few RT22 and some RT85. The RT22s will talk to each other, and the RT85s will talk to each other, but the RT22 wont talk to the RT85 and vice versa. Is there something in the software that i’m missing? They both have the exact same software list loaded into them.

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