Radio Lone Worker function introduction

Many two way radios are outfitted with various features intended to ensure worker safety, including the Lone Worker function, GPS location function, or man down function, etc.

Today let’s learn lone worker function together.

There’s a Lone Worker function in Retevis RT3 and Retevis RT8, which are triggered by user inactivity. Do you know what’s Lone worker function?

Lone Worker function will be widely used  in chemical and manufacturing plants, utilities, mining, security and transport industries, explorer,archeology, where personnel often cover large, remote areas or operate in hazardous environments,which need others( who are talking with this wearer with two way radio in a team), pay close attention to her/his safety.

If the wearer doesn’t interact with the radio for a preset period of time, say 10 minutes, a pre-warning tone will be triggered, signaling that it’s time for him or her to reset the timer by using the radio in some way, by pressing a button or adjusting the volume. If the user still doesn’t interact with the radio, an emergency call will be initiated between the wearer’s radio and other team members(who can talk with the wear’s radio)

Once the radio wearer activates Lone Worker, they’re reminded to “check in” such as every five minutes by pressing the Push-to-Talk, or PTT, button. Checking in lets others know that all is well.

If the user doesn’t check in, the radio will automatically transmit an emergency alert that help is needed. The radio’s microphone also stays engaged until help arrives, letting other users hear what’s happening in the area. This way, protecting the wearers personnal safety.

We will introduce Retevis RT3 lone worker function setting method in another blog, thanks for your attention.

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